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About Me
My Name is Raymund Heuvel. I live in the south of Germany rather close to the alps.
One of my hobbies is creating web pages. An example is this one. I added a few pictures taken at my last holiday in the Utah/ Arizona/ Nevada triangle. Feel free to copy these.
Beta Mode
Many of you asked to release my web page. So this is the "Redmond-CA" way, A Beta release. This release is NODES, NOt by the DEveloper Supported". Several bugs are still there but since I have lack of time ...
About this web page
The main engine of this page is written in Javascript. Please feel free to use this scripts but be aware, these are NOT bug free and you use them at your own risk! See also the BETA comment!
About my holiday
The left scrolling menu (Column ..) holds the catagories (main locations) of our last holiday trip. After selecting one of these, you can select in the top row a specific picture. Sometimes the aspect ratio is not adapted. I am working on this. Simply re-click the picture in the top menu row for reloading!.